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Modified Bitumen Roofing

Similar to a built-up roofing system, but with the added strength and durability of plastic or rubber based polymers embedded in the multiple roofing layers. These polymers provide superior tensile strength and additional defense against punctures and tears.


Modified bitumen membranes are self-adhering when heated using a roofing torch. SBS modified bitumen membranes can be formulated for torch application, but are more commonly applied using hot asphalt or cold SBS modified bitumen adhesive.


Modified Bitumen is a great option for roofs that experience heavy traffic.

Modified Bitumen Commercial Roofing Gallery
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Modified Bitumen Roofing Manufacturers we Install in KC

Johns Manville is a leader in SBS roofing systems for a reason. With over three decades of experience producing modified bitumen commercial roofing,  we understand the science of formulating. This allows us to produce products that are consistent and designed for real-world applications.

As the most customizable of our low-slope commercial roofing products, we offer glass, polyester and composite reinforcements with all types of application techniques. We know you value quality, and above all, longevity in a roofing system. That’s why we continue to invest in people, technology and application engineering support to ensure that our SBS systems exhibit the proven strength, elasticity and weather-ability you can trust.




Malarkey has been the leader in the SBS polymer modified roofing industry with an array of base and cap sheets that perform in a wide variety of climates.


Malarkey modified bitumen roofing systems have economical life cycle costs when examining the installation and maintenance cost over the lifetime of a roof.




GAF offering RUBEROID® MOP SMOOTH 1.5 membrane is a tough, resilient modified bitumen membrane manufactured to stringent GAF specifications. Its core is a strong, resilient, non-woven polyester mat that is coated with
flexible, SBS polymer-modified asphalt and is smooth surfaced. Smooth surfaced mop applied installations must be protected with surfacing.


RUBEROID® MOP SMOOTH 1.5 Membrane is designed for new roofing and reroofing applications as well as the construction of flashings. RUBEROID® MOP SMOOTH 1.5 Membrane is also an ideal product for repairs of built-up roofing membranes or other modified bitumen systems.

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