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Cedar Roofing Kansas City

Cedar Roofing Kansas City
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Watkins Sawmill Cedar

Cedar Roofing in Kansas City

There are thousands upon thousands of cedar roofs on homes in the Kansas City Metro Area. While new, this cedar roofing option is unbelievably beautiful . However, many of these Kansas City Cedar roofs are starting to weather and need to be replaced.


Watkins Sawmill Cedar Shakes are a great option for replacing your cedar roof in Kansas City. Watkins is one of the largest manufacturers of Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles.

Watkins Cedar is a great Cedar Roofing option in Kansas City.

Watkins Sawmills Cedar Roofing Gallery
Cedar Roofing Kansas City

Watkins Sawmills Cedar Roofing in Kansas City

Why use Watkins Cedar for your Roof Replacement in Kansas City?

Top Quality Cedar

Whether it’s the experience sourcing and harvesting logs since the 1940s, or the quality cedar products sourced from Watkins trusted network, top quality cedar is the heart of Watkins business. All of Watkins cedar roofing and siding products which are harvested from Watkins own logging operations are PEFC Certified, meaning they abide by the highest environmental and reforestation standards. This ensures Watkins will have what you need now, as well as what you'll need in the future.

Industry Leading Fire Safety

With Watkins cedar roofing and siding you can rest easy knowing our products offer exceptional fire safety. In fact, we are the only company in the world that offers a Pressure Impregnation Fire Retardation Treatment system for cedar shake and shingle roofing that is recognized by the International Code Council (ICC) and the California State Fire Marshal (SFM). If you live near a fire hazard zone you can have confidence that your home is protected from an encroaching fire.

Value Added Service

Even though our company has grown exponentially since its beginnings, we are still a family business at our core. When you work with us, our values – Loyalty, Ethics, Friendship and Professionalism - come through in everything we do. You get the personalized service of a ma-and-pa company backed by a large magnitude of technical and sales experience. Many of our current customers have been with us for decades, and we look forward to building the same lasting relationship with you.


Any company can offer a warranty but that warranty can be worthless unless their is a good company to back it. Many Cedar roofing companies have come and go over the years and with them, also goes their warranty; however, Watkins Sawmills has been around for over 70 years and still going. When your buying a roof with a 50 year warranty, the longevity of the company couldn't be more important.

Quality, Longevity and Sustainability

There’s a reason cedar has been used for centuries as a building material. It’s long lasting and it comes from a truly renewable resource. Compared to other building materials such as steel, concrete, plastic and aluminum, wood is the most energy conserving and the only material that’s 100% reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and renewable. When properly produced and treated, cedar roofing has high insulation, high tolerance against the elements, lasts a long time and continues to look great year after year.

Sustainable Forestry

In addition to producing roofing and siding products from a renewable resource, Watkins Sawmills is proud to abide by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Custody Guidelines. These embody a stringent set of regularly updated requirements for responsible harvesting that track forest fiber content throughout the harvesting and manufacturing of forest-based products.

Sustainable Production

No wood is wasted at Watkins Sawmills. When we manufacture our cedar shingles, all scrap and unused wood is chipped and sold to pulp and paper mills. These scraps are re-purposed into various products ranging from high-grade magazine paper to fine sawdust used to create power for pulp mills. Thanks to practices like these, along with our strong principles of sustainable forestry, cedar has the smallest impact on the environment when compared to all the other roofing alternatives. Furthermore; cedar is one the most carbon neutral roofing materials.

Types of Watkins Sawmills Cedar Roofing we in Install in Kansas City

Handsplit & Resawn Cedar Shakes

A rustic character with a country appeal. Split and then re-sawn cedar shakes are sawn on the backside while the faces of the Shake are split along the natural grain of the wood. This process gives the cedar wood a highly textured surface and looks great on chalets, modern country villas, or a ocean-side retreat. Popular products in this grade are Heavy and Medium Shakes which are thicker and heavier than any number of other grades of shingles, giving the roof a very rugged or rustic appearance.

Regular Grade Cedar Shake Roofing Kansas City

Regular Grade Cedar Shake: Lenths 18-inch, thickness 1/2" (medium) and 3/4" (heavy) minimums: lenth 24-inch, thickness 3/8", 1/2" (medium) and 3/4" (heavy) minimum. Width 4" minimum. Clear heartwood: 20% maximum flat grain in each bundle.

Roof Exposure: 18-inch shakes - 7 1/2" maximum; 24-inch medium and heavy shakes - 10" maximum; 24-inch (3/8") shakes - 7 1/2" maximum (5" per UBC).

Wall Exposure: Single course: 8" for 18-inch shake; 10 1/2" for 24-inch shake.

Recommended Use: For walls and roofs on 4:12 pitch and steeper where high quality appearance and performance are desired.

Premium Grade Cedar shake Roofing Kansas City

Premium Grade Cedar Shake: Same Manufacturing specs as Regular Grade Shakes, however, only 100% edge grain wood is used. Premium grade shakes exceeds the national industry standard.

Recommended Use: For walls and roofs 4:12 pitch and steeper and where a premium quality product is needed or desired.

Barn Shakes Cedar Roofing Kansas City

Barn Shakes: Straight split with no taper. Nominal lengths 18" and 24" with a 2/8" butt. This product is made with 100: edge grain and uses minimal corrugation and highest quality grains to be able to split on both sides. Commonly used on heritage projects.

Roof exposure: 7 1/2" for 18-inch shake; 10" for 18-inch shake.

Wall exposure: 10" for 24-inch shake; 7 1/2" for 18-inch shake.

Tapersawn Cedar Shakes

The shingle/split shake hybrid.

A Certi-Sawn red cedar shake is sawn both faces but is thicker than a shingle. The added thickness enables it to be applied as a shake (2 ply with paper/felt interlay) resulting in lower application costs. Many architects like the more defined shadowline of the heavier butt and yet still get the cleaner look of a sawn product.

#1 Premium Garde Tapersawn Cedar Roofing Kansas City

#1 Premium Grade Tapersawn: 100% edge grain. Nominal lengths 18" and 24" shakes shall be of random widths, minimum width shall be 3 ½". Thickness shall be nominal 5/8" or ¾" with a minus tolerance of 1/16" in 10% of the bundle.


Roof Exposure: 10" for 24-inch shake; 7½" for 18-inch shake. Interlaid felt is required.


Wall Exposure: Single course: 10½" for 24-inch shake; 8 " for 18-inch shake


Recommended Use: For walls or roofs on 4:12 slope and steeper where a high quality, durable and uniform appearance is desired.

#2 Red Lable Tapersawn Cedar Roofing Kansas City

#2 Red Lable TaperSawn: Nominal lengths 18" and 24", minimum width shall be 3", shakes less than 4" width shall not constitute more than 10% of the running inches of each bundle. Thickness shall be nominal 5/8" or ¾": with a minus tolerance of 1/16" in 10% of the bundle. Limited defects are allowed 9" above the butt in 18" shakes and 12" above the butt in 24" shakes. Unlimited flat grain is allowed. Sapwood is restricted to 1" in width for the first 10 inches.

#1 Alaskan Yellow Cedar Tapersawn Cedar Roofing Kansas City

#1 Alaskan Yellow Cedar Tapersawns: Alaskan Cedar Tapersawns are an extremely durable product that turns a natural silvery gray once weathered.

Same installation as a #1 Red Cedar tapersawn

Available in 18" or 24" lengths and either 5/8" or 3/4" butt thickness.

Cedar Shingles

The natural, tailored look.

A Certi-Sawn red cedar shake is sawn both faces and offer a more smooth and uniform look. Western red cedar shingles are a natural, luxurious, and a low carbon footprint roofing product that has been used as a durable roofing material for over a century. Don't settle for imitation. Make the authentic choice!

#1 Grade Cedar Shingles Kansas City

Number 1 Grade: Lengths 16-inch (Fivex), 18-inch (Perfection), 24-inch (Royal).

Thickness: 16-inch is 5/2" (5 butts together measures 2" thick), 18-inch is 5/2, 1/4" thick, 24-inch is 4/2" thick.

Clear heartwood; 100% edge grain; no defects.

Recommended Use: For walls and roofs on 3:12 pitch and steeper where a premium quality product is desired.

#2 Red Lable Cedar Shingles Kansas City

#2 Red Lable Shingles: Thickness and description same as number 1 grade with some allowable knots that are located on the portion of the shingle that will be covered once installed.


Face must be 10", 11" and 16" clear or better on 16-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch shingles, respectively.


Limited sapwood and flat grain are allowed.

If you are in search of a Watkins Sawmills Cedar Roofing Estimate in Kansas City Contact Us Today! 913-257-3589

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