Basement Finishing Kansas City

Basement Finishing Kansas City
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Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing Kansas City
Basement Finishing Kansas City

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Basement Finishing Kansas City
Basement Finishing Kansas City

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If you are like many modern new home owners in the Kansas City metro area, the basement can be a make it or break it feature of a house. That is because of the incredible amount of options that a finished basement can provide. From common areas and entertainment spaces to additional bedrooms and bathrooms, the basement is quickly becoming the revolutionary home setting that Kansas City homeowners are seeking.


If you are ready to finish your basement you might be wondering exactly where to start? Contact ACR and one of our design consultants can help guide you through the process of adding another entire layer of living area to your home!

Basement Finishing in Kansas City

Let's Discuss the Basement Finishing Process and What You Can Expect


Initial Consultation

One of our design consultants will meet you in your home at a convenient time for you to do an initial inspection of your basement, get some measurements, pictures, and a rough sketch. We'll go over any specific ideas, designs, features, or options you have in mind for your basement finishing project, determine the scope of work the project will entail, and begin developing a rough budget. We will answer any initial questions you may have and go over what is to be expected from the basement finishing process as well as describing an approximate timeline for your project.

Design Consultation and Materials Selection

Once we have gathered some initial details and ideas from what you are dreaming for your basement finishing project one of our designers will help to begin developing a custom-tailored design to achieve your goals. Our designer will start with a rough draft allowing you to see the location of the rooms. We can even present 3D views at this point to assist you in visualizing the best use of the space. Once the layout has been determined we will finalize the design and begin preparing a more detailed proposal.

At this time we also start to select which materials will be used on your basement project; using the highest quality materials that will fit within your particular budget. Preparing materials such as: flooring, cabinets, counter tops, carpet, plumbing, lighting, paint colors, and anything else specific to your project itself. Upon determining which materials will be used for you basement finishing project we will provide you with a detailed list of material items and quantities.

Project Proposal

Based on the prior discussions and consultations, a final quote and contract will be prepared. Once the contract is signed, an agreeable start date is determined, and we schedule your basement project according to the contracted plan, specifications, and timeline. Our commitment to finish your basement on time will never cause us to cut corners. We'll work hard for you to bring your dreams of a finished basement your reality!

Pre-Construction Meeting

Once we have squared away all the necessary paper work and budgets we’ll review the construction agreement and provide you with a project timeline outlining each stage of the construction project from lumber delivery-finish work and final walk-through. We also include a day-by-day construction calendar allowing you to plan your days accordingly. As always you can come with us at anytime during your project with any questions you may have.

Construction - Get to Work!

Now it is time to dig deep into your unfinished basement and bring out the elbow grease. First we will begin to prep the work areas with materials needed as well as closing off the areas to provide dust control into your existing living spaces. The next stage will be to frame in the living area, adding plumbing and electrical where needed, finishing out the drywall while moving on to all your specific finishing touches; floors, cabinetry, lighting, paint etc.

Your Basement is Complete

Your basement is now finished! We will meet with you to conduct a final walk-through and inspection of your basement. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — before your final payment. Now it is time to kick back, relax, and enjoy this new living space with your family and friends for years to come (not to mention-while increasing you home value)!

Let's Discuss some Frequently Asked Questions about Finishing Basements

Question: How much does it cost to finish a basement?

Answer: Construction costs vary depending on size, design, and amenities selected but you can expect to pay as much as 10% to 15% of your total home value to finish your basement or roughly $20-$35 per square foot. So, let's say your basement is 1,000 square foot you could expect to pay upwards of $35,000 on the high end for a complete basement finish by a professional licensed and insured contractor using high quality materials.

Question: How long does it take to finish a basement?

Answer: The time it may take to complete your basement finish project can vary depending on the size of the basement, product availability or if there are any special order materials, and custom design elements. A standard 1000-square-feet basement with common amenities will typically be scheduled for six weeks, start to finish.

Question: Does a Finished Basement Add to my Home Value?

Answer: A typical ROI on a finished a basement is approximately 80%. However, a finished basement will add addtional living space while increasing the overall desirability of your home if you decided to sell in the future.

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